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Ashtanga yoga canarias

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half capacity. Distance between mats. There will be markings on the floor so you know where to stand. we will keep all doors and windows open so that the space is ventilated. floors and surfaces will be disinfected after each class. And at mysore times after each practitioner leaves their place. We will also have alcohol gel in the shala and bathrooms. Each person should bring their own material (mat, cotton mat, 2 towels, and a small cloth or paper bag to keep the mask). the minimum necessary physical adjustments will be made, and always with the own towel. By this time the practitioner should put on the mask. You can also decide not to receive adjustments (by placing some signs that we will have available on the front of your mat). teachers will always wear a mask. students can not use them while practicing, it is a personal decision, but they must use the masks the rest of the time they are in the center. in case of any symptom, refrain from attending class and keep us informed. Upon confirmation of attendance, we will send the complete measures and recommendations.

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An anxious, restless, agitated, depressed mind cannot reach a state of harmony. So we will gradually direct our mind with the tools we have at hand, which are our body and our breath.
The practice of Integral Yoga frees the mind from daily stress by combining movements with breathing. It relaxes, tones, and corrects the imbalances of the body through the correct practice of asanas.
Flexibility is generated gradually, the objective of this practice is not to put the foot behind the head, this is a consequence. Moreover, being more flexible does not make you a better practitioner.

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Raja Yoga seeks to focus the mind to reach a state of harmony. In Ashtanga, we learn to focus our mind using the body (Yoga postures, breathing with sound (Ujjayi Uranayama), different gazes (Dristi) and physiological closures (Bhandas).
Human beings are filled with toxins throughout our lives. A newborn is pure, his mind and body are in development. In this natural process of growth, we accumulate fears, tensions and all kinds of physical and emotional problems.
The practice of Ashtanga Yoga helps us to cleanse and purify our whole organism, helps to eliminate both physical and emotional tensions and brings us closer to that initial state of purity in our lives. When we remove the veil that covers our minds, we are free and light, life smiles at us and we smile at it.
Therefore, practicing with an authorized or certified teacher is a sign of competence and quality, a person who knows what he or she is doing and can lead the student in the practice of Yoga from experience.

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Our question is: Would you go to a doctor who is not qualified or inexperienced, do not play with your physical or mental health!  EventsYoga classes Online and in you do not miss yoga, either by fear or remoteness, you can connect to any class you see in the schedule, we just need your now
With a little dedication a day the face can recover a lot of vitality. This is achieved with Facial Yoga.more…  Videos- Photos- InstagramMore Videos and Photos…  Teacher training – assistantsWe train teachers in the most authentic and traditional way.
We do not believe that teacher training courses are a good way to transmit knowledge (if it is good for the one who teaches it, since he earns a lot of money in a short time), we find pseudo-teachers who have no previous experience in their own practice.