Escuela de yoga zaragoza, Ashtanga Yoga

Escuela de yoga zaragoza

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People who practice this activity work at different levels: mental, physical, energetic and emotional. Through its concentration techniques, people learn to take care and become aware of the importance of body postures in their daily life, at work, at home and in their free time, and those who practice it feel and enjoy greater physical and mental flexibility and a better attention span. In addition, they learn to listen to themselves physically and mentally to be able to «stop» to rest and reflect and not lose energy when they force their body and mind. In short, yoga exercises serve to release stress and find balance and well-being through the unity of body and soul.Yoga classes at Sabáh Our yoga classes in Zaragoza are totally personalized. In each session there are from 4 to 10 students, so that the instructor can make the necessary corrections and can be aware of all attendees.furthermore, teachers are technicians in yoga and even some of them are physiotherapists. This way they know the anatomy to perfection and are able to correct and modify the exercises.each of the yoga sessions lasts 60 minutes and can be practiced monthly, quarterly and semi-annually.

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The yoga center Yoga School Zaragoza. Lydia Galdamez with address Calle Sta. Joaquina de Vedruna, 5, 50008 Zaragoza, located in the town of Zaragoza with postal code 50008, different sports activities are carried out in the marked schedules.practice different types of yoga, postures and balance mind body to improve your health both mental and physical through yoga Zaragoza The yoga center Yoga School Zaragoza. Lydia Galdamez
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You have just found the Yoga and Mindfulness center in Zaragoza with regular weekly classes that you can join even if you are a beginner. Sessions with options of difficulty and intensity for all ages, without registration and without permanence. For information about the activities click on the one you are interested in, you can also combine them.
You have 2 modalities for your Yoga and Mindfulness classes: On-site and online classes. The online classes are live via Zoom and access to the recordings. With the face-to-face classes you will also have access to online content so that you have more flexibility (if one day you can’t attend in person, you can do the class at another time, etc.).
In addition to the group sessions, if you prefer a deeper and more personalized work, we can attend to your particular case with individualized classes of Yoga, Mindfulness and/or Personal Growth, in person or online. We also receive requests for private classes for small intimate groups.

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Yoga appeared in my life like the subtle sound of a little bell that makes you vibrate inside and out. I learned to close my eyes and look inward, mobilize my energy, relax my body and enjoy the path to The True Awakening. I never wanted to separate from the path anymore, it embraced me and together we vibrated in an infinite space of possibilities.»
GET UP FROM THE BEDNow is the time to feel good, to release and breathe. Get that peace, that moment you always ask for yourself. That things change only depends on what you are willing to do. What are you waiting for?