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We are a modern yoga studio, focused on Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Hatha, we also have other specialized classes such as zero-gravity yoga and acro-yoga. Whether you are on vacation and just want to attend a class or if you are a resident and want to take a structured course to improve your yoga level, we have the ideal solution for you.
There are two large air-conditioned rooms, modern changing rooms and all the equipment you will need for your practice. There is also a yoga store offering Manduka mats and very stylish and comfortable yoga clothing. We hope to see you here soon. Namaste.
During our stay in Valencia I went to Flow Yoga together with my girlfriend four days in a row. The classes were… perfectly balanced, we especially enjoyed the focus on alignments, the relaxing yet challenging atmosphere and the kindness of the staff. The teachers definitely know what they’re doing. We highly recommend Flow Yoga to anybody from beginner level to advanced. Namaste!read more

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Yoga, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation to improve personal well-being from day oneValenciaYogaYoga, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation to improve personal well-being from day one.
Yoga teacher in ribera alta or valencia, classes for adultsValenciaYogaYogaYoga teacher with a lot of experience and more than 200 hours of classes dictated. I am very friendly and respectful with the students…..

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¿Buscas practicar yoga en Valencia? Valencia es un lugar maravilloso para hacerlo, con muchos estudios diferentes donde puedes apuntarte a hacer yoga, pero si vienes de un lugar donde no hay sol, ¡imaginamos que podrías buscar algunas oportunidades fuera!
Las clases van desde Hatha yoga, Kundailini, hasta Vinyasa flows. Los niveles varían de un profesor a otro pero te aseguramos que todas las clases son accesibles. Dependiendo del profesor las clases pueden ser en inglés o en español (suele ser bastante fácil de seguir – inhalamos, exhalamos). Aquí están nuestras tres mejores clases de Yoga en el Turia, Valencia.

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Yoga is a simple, yet powerful method to unleash the true potential of the mind and body. Yoga means union, combining thought and action or movement and breath. The breath is the bridge between our physical and emotional parts, as well as connecting us to the continuous flow of the present moment.
The most obvious benefits of an honest and committed practice of yoga are: increased flexibility, strength, stamina, improved concentration, vitality, deep relaxation, equanimity, calmness and contentment. Essentially, yoga is about self-knowledge, it is an invitation to rediscover your true potential, your authentic nature.