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At Arima Madrid Espacio Multifuncional we don’t just train, we adapt the training to your needs. You may or may not be part of the population with specific pathologies or groups with special needs but, either way, in Arima you will find your place.
We offer you a calendar with different workshops, courses, seminars and masterclasses of different specialties related to the body and mind, the basis of health. We believe that there is nothing better to enrich us than constant training, accessible to all levels.
In Arima we consider our center as a Multifunctional Space, so we are committed to offer it as an exhibition space for new artists who want to exhibit their works in this space, which will be constantly renewed.

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In the classes we insist on doing the postures very well, looking for the best possible alignment, but we think it is equally important to adapt the practice to the practitioner – to your injuries, possibilities and limitations – and not the other way around.
The training of our Iyengar Yoga teachers is endorsed by the international association AIPYS and the Yoga Alliance. This is what you will find, both in the on-site and online classes:
Our classes are different from most online programs to learn Yoga: our crown jewel is the live classes (streaming classes), where the best teachers correct you and continuously supervise what you are doing.
Kanika Yoga Iyengar teachers know who you are, your pathologies and limitations and are always available to answer your questions and willing to guide you to make real progress in your practice.
The face-to-face classes are the best way to understand Iyengar Yoga, as the teachers correct your posture systematically and show you the postures so you know what you have to do.our room is located in the CENTRO MANDALA calle Cabeza 15 2°dcha The room has natural ventilation and large balconies overlooking the rooftops of Lavapiés.

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Remember, if you want to attend write to [email protected] or whatsapp 623029393 (whatsapp button), indicating your name, your availability, if you have any injury and if you have practiced yoga and anything you think is important, as soon as possible we will respond.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga consists of a fixed sequence that is learned step by step. It is a dynamic and energetic style. We offer guided group classes and mysore style (where you will learn the sequence in a personalized way).
Vinyasa Krama consists of a set of sequences that vary each day depending on the objective we have defined. The dynamic is similar to what is popularly known as Hatha Yoga (the teachers guide the sequence and we perform it as a group).
The therapeutic modality is designed for people with special needs (with injuries, mobility difficulties…). We work individually and build a sequence to your needs.
Pranayama with breathing techniques that can be adapted according to the objectives sought. It is present in all the styles we offer; however, in pranayama classes we focus with special attention on its execution, technique or fundamentals. Meditation classes and workshops incorporate different techniques to calm the mind, improve concentration and attention based on the proposed objectives.

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Professionalism Family atmosphere State-of-the-art technologyWe are located in the heart of the capital, we are not only a center of aesthetics and natural therapies, but a place where you will feel at home, with a relaxed atmosphere and a familiar treatment.
I really liked it! Sandra is very delicate and gentle at all times, she explains everything she does and takes care of everything in detail! I had an ultrasound cleaning and my skin has been very good! very happy with the result, price and attention 🙂 thanks!