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But regardless of the teacher, there are a number of basic principles that must be met in all Pilates classes. This is because it is a method in itself with some bases that must be met to be considered as Pilates. If you want to know what they are in this article I explain what the Pilates Method is based on.
Since the beginning of our activity in our Pilates center in Lugo, long before this terrible pandemic began, Pilates classes are taught in small groups. At the moment there are a maximum of 8 people, the maximum capacity that our room allows us to maintain an adequate safety distance between mats. Although before the pandemic there were not many more people, since we had limited the groups to 9-10 people per Pilates class.
This is because Pilates is all about postural correction and control. Something that can be a bit complex while not practicing. So it is necessary to be aware of each student in class and thus be able to correct if necessary any incorrect pattern. If we worked in large groups, it would be very difficult to be aware that everyone performs the exercises correctly. Therefore, as I said at the beginning of this article, to comply with the basic principles of the Pilates method, working in small groups is essential in any Pilates center.

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Pilates is a method used to train from the combination of various disciplines, such as yoga, gymnastics. Its name refers to Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1883-1967), the model, athlete, nurse and scholar of body issues who developed this system.
When Pilates is developed in the right way, the subject can improve its coordination, flexibility and musculature. The key to success lies in the technical precision when performing the movements, since technique is more important than the hours dedicated to the exercise or the number of repetitions, for example.
The movements that Pilates encourages must be performed consciously so that they can be coordinated with breathing. Through this control of the body and mind, the person manages to discover the capacity but also the barriers that lie within.

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By integrating body, breath, movement and meditation, I seek to bring a better understanding of how these aspects are closely related to your personal health and well-being.Contact UsThe classes we offerAshtanga Yoga, Mysore and guided classesMany people want to get in shape and have a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start.
Ashtanga Yoga Lugo offers you the conditioning plan and positive reinforcement you need so you can focus on getting your body and mind to the level you want. Check out our classes and contact us if you have any questions.Ashtanga Yoga
From the first day of practice we can feel how the asana practice influences our nervous system, our mental strength (concentration) and our state of consciousness. Our breathing lengthens and deepens, our concentration increases and little by little we acquire a state of inner peace not previously experienced. The other five steps of ashtanga yoga gradually appear over time.