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-Yes, I call it Facial Yoga Plan, which helps to aquidify the face, oxygenate the body and improve health by combining different ancestral methods of health and beauty: Kobido, guasha, jade roller, pranayama conscious breathing, acupuncture… All these techniques work separately, but my method, and my challenge, is to have been trained in all of them while traveling around the world and to unify them so that, in an orderly way, they work in their right measure the different micromuscular packages of the face. My challenge was to unify all these techniques so that they work the different micromuscular packages of the face in the right measure. Why do we talk about “yoga”? Would you say that these exercises are more than simple physical exercise?
-I consider that the head area has been the great forgotten area. We have been very concerned about cleansing, moisturizing the face…, but the scalp has never been touched enough. That is why we should also be aware of this area of our body: we also accumulate tension, stress and emotions in it. And the quality and health of our hair also depends on yoga, through the awareness of this area with massages, allows us to oxygenate and stimulate blood flow. “We also accumulate tension, stress and emotions in the scalp.”-Could you recommend an exercise to start practicing?

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But that’s not all… “I spent some time in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand, learning Vipassa meditation and Thai massage and facial acupressure. In China I trained in the technique of Jade stone facial massages, Japan has discovered me the imperial facial massage and in Bali I did my training in Pranala yoga and meditation,” she says.  All these techniques that she has mastered have led her to develop her own methodology.
The method emerged without looking for it, I started my first trip to Thailand and once there, I discovered new techniques that led me to want to deepen more and more, I started learning Thai massage and that led me to Facial acupressure and from there I discovered the Vipassa meditation, the discovery in Thailand of the Jade roller led me to China to learn how to use it and use the Guasha, Japan discovered the imperial facial massage, Bali Pranala Yoga …. Each new training made me implant in me this new knowledge that I then began to apply together seeing incredible results in my skin.

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The best thing about these facial exercises is that they are within everyone’s reach and can be done at any age. Diana Bordón from the Canary Islands shows us how in a few minutes every day (very important to do them daily or at least 4 or 5 times a week) we will notice the results in a few weeks.
Diana Bordón suggests stopping for 5 minutes at work and learning to relax. The first thing to do is to moisturize the skin well. She recommends rosehip or argan oil, although any moisturizer you have on hand will do.
To relax the eyes, which are usually very tired, place the index fingers above the eyebrows, between the eyebrows. Press and breathe deeply while counting to 10. Now turn the fingers over and count to 10 again.
I have always loved science and everything that derives from it: beauty, nutrition, health, wellness, psychology. Because this is also science, just like physics or mathematics; with a different tinge, but science nonetheless.

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Make a V with two fingers and place one at each end of the eyebrow. Try to lift it up while these make force in the opposite direction. 10 repetitions. These two exercises tone and prevent drooping of the upper eyelid.
Toned lips and cheeks. Alessandra Scavone, with her MASC method, proposes this exercise to firm lips and cheeks. Fill the cheeks with air and pass it from one to the other for 30 seconds. To avoid wrinkling the lips – one of the expert’s obsessions is to avoid wrinkling one area while working on another – place your fingers on the upper lip.
Smooth the nasolabial fold. With the index fingers on the furrows to avoid wrinkles, make an O with the mouth, hiding the teeth with the lips, and try to smile without uncovering them. Run your tongue along the inside of your lips three times. Repeat in the opposite direction.
Aitana Sanchez-Gijon’s routine against double chinAitana Sanchez Gijon facial yoga MagazineOne of the most affected areas of mature skin is the chin, which loses elasticity and is exacerbated by the technological neck, always looking down to consult the mobile. Facial yoga has several exercises to improve the appearance of the double chin. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón does it like this: With her shoulders relaxed she rests her head on the back of her outstretched hand. Then she pushes her chin with her hand and places her elbow on the other hand, holding the position for three breaths. Finally, type with your fingers in the neck area for fifteen seconds.

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