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Iyengar yoga madrid

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Its method of practice emphasizes the involvement of the mind and intelligence in the performance of asanas as well as pranayama or pratyahara. It is about learning and cultivating the attitude of total involvement of the mind and intelligence in the postures and breathing exercises.
This attitude is developed through the simultaneous and constant observation of all the movements and technical details that make up a posture or breathing exercise, while maintaining the complete passivity of the brain and its organs of expression (mainly eyes and ears), and the control of breathing.
For this mental involvement to be effective, it will also be essential that the body is up to its task, as an indispensable support of this union of body, mind, intelligence and soul. That is why the misconception that IYENGAR® Yoga is a physical yoga is so widespread, because it also insists on the means to achieve the strength, flexibility and endurance of the vehicle that will take us to the spiritual heights.

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In the classes we insist on doing the postures very well, looking for the best possible alignment, but we find it equally important to adapt the practice to the practitioner – to your injuries, possibilities and limitations – and not the other way around.
The training of our Iyengar Yoga teachers is endorsed by the international association AIPYS and the Yoga Alliance. This is what you will find, both in the on-site and online classes:
Our classes are different from most online programs to learn Yoga: our crown jewel is the live classes (streaming classes), where the best teachers correct you and continuously supervise what you are doing.
Kanika Yoga Iyengar teachers know who you are, your pathologies and limitations and are always available to answer your questions and willing to guide you to make real progress in your practice.
Face-to-face classes are the best way to understand Iyengar Yoga, as the teachers correct your posture systematically and show you the postures so you know what you have to do.Our room is located in the CENTRO MANDALA calle Cabeza 15 2°dcha The room has natural ventilation and large balconies overlooking the rooftops of Lavapiés.

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Iyengar is one of the many styles derived from Hatha yoga. Its practice incorporates the use of props such as bricks, blankets and straps. The focus of this type of yoga is on alignment, so special attention is paid to the position of the spine, shoulders, hips and feet.
In most Iyengar classes, relatively few postures are performed because a large amount of the time is spent establishing how you should position your body for correct alignment. The postures are held longer for maximum benefit.
Because there is so much emphasis on the peculiarities and needs of each body, the practice is highly therapeutic. If this is your case because you have an injury, we advise you to try a beginner’s class.

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One of the innovations introduced by B.K.S. Iyengar was the use of supports (chairs, belts, ropes, etc.) allowing the improvement of the postures and the access of practitioners with difficulties.
The Iyengar Yoga method is characterized by the execution of the postures with precision, observing the technical details and aligning the body correctly. Iyengar Yoga practitioners are guided with professionalism and personalized attention from basic to advanced levels.
The Iyengar Yoga method is rooted in the understanding of the functioning of the body in the asanas in order to be able to make the adaptations that the practitioner needs, so that anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can benefit from the practice.
The Iyengar Yoga method involves a commitment to physical and mental discipline in the practice. As the practitioner becomes more proficient, the time spent in the postures increases, with the consequent physical and mental involvement.

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